2nd Intra.NET Hackathon

The 2nd Intra.NET Hackathon is designed to bring experts from within the industry involved in software development, as well as graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and others together to enter in an open and creative competition to surface their collective knowledge, share ideas and insights, and win a prize by designing the best intranet, knowledge management or collaboration tool.

The Intra.NET Berlin Graphic Recording

For a better knowledge transfer and innovation finding the we.CONECT keynotes, world cafés, round tables and workshops are being documented as live visualizations. Following the spoken word, Europe’s best artist simultaneously translate the core arguments into a large format word & picture record. The big picture structures the conclusions, grows along the discussion and by means of visual anchors enables the participants’ better overview of the topic.

New in 2017

  • Intra.NET Wall
    The Interactive Expo will provide the audience with a chance to see the challenges, developments and screenshots of Europe’s leading intranets
  • Breakfast Workshops
    Start the 2nd Day with coffee, breakfast, networking and learning!
  • Matchmaking App “hubs”
    Use our unique online matching platform to make new connections, arrange meetings and find tailored solutions to your needs.

The Multitouchpoint Sessions

The most effective and most informal networking hub to reach a maximum of ROI – personal dialogue, direct exchange and numerous opportunities to optimize your sales pipeline and to get meetings with Top Executives!

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