Logo July 04 – 05, 2022, Berlin, Berlin

Award-winning Intra.NET Reloaded Case study

Thank you for your interest in this award-winning case study presented by
Ernesto Izquierdo (Project manager: social collaboration network at International Committee of Red Cross) on
‘Developing a community mindset at one of the world’s oldest international organizations’

Please view the video by filling out your contact details below. We will send the link to the video also to your email, in case you prefer to watch it later.

After this presentation you have learnt:

  • How they develop the community mindset, online and offline and created over 80 communities
  • How they now solve 45% questions in 2 hours
  • How they now use artificial and collective intelligence on a single network
  • How they set expectations that fit our workforce’s needs
  • How they develop new strategy with the communities

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