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    Key Topics Discussed at the 9th Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin 2020

    Rollout strategies


    Getting support from management – how to build your case and engage stakeholders on all levels?

    What is important to take into account in early stages of planning?

    Strategic or tactical approach to a new intranet – what suits your company best?

    One big platform or multiple-tool approach? what tools and channels should be defined as main means of communication to the different employee groups?

    What are the keys to a successful intranet as hub for the digital workplace?

    Employee engagement and activation


    How to keep the employees engaged before and after the rollout?

    How to design the platform that responds to the needs of employees and makes them more productive?

    How to deliver engaging content on the tools you have?

    How to put the employee in the focus & accompany their change journey?

    What is the key to getting through the internal audience?

    How to identify role models and influencers and work with them?

    Future of Work and Tech


    How can we get ready for digital natives entering the workforce?

    What technologies will affect our work in the next 5 years?

    How can AI and Voice technologies make our employees’ life better and complement the digital workplace?

    Intranet on a smart watch? Hoax or a useful addition?

    How do get to know users and develop use cases for the use of chatbots and digital assistants

    new ways of information access based on evolving cognitive technologies

    how to build knowledge graphs employing cognitive technologies?

    Knowledge and Collaboration


    How to make knowledge findable, transparent and accessible to all employees?

    How is consumer social affecting and setting expectations for internal communications?

    How to assess Knowledge capitalisation and collaboration level?

    How to include, encourage and active your employees to collaborate in the Digital Workplace

    What are the concrete ways to boost information sharing and encourage people to contribute and create knowledge in the enterprise

    How to bring up the value of collaboration to the remote workers?

    UX and personalization


    What can we learn from customer experience?

    Why and how thorough user research must be the driver behind design and development?

    How to research users’ behaviour patterns to establish the best ways to deliver information to them to get their attention?

    How personas help project team understand and empathize with users? What are users/ employees’ needs and how can digital assist?

    How to create and manage content for diverse employee groups?

    How to handle different languages in a global/regional digital workplace?

    Mobile and Cloud


    How to select a tool that fits the needs of the company?

    How to overcome regulatory challenges in developing mobile intranets?

    How to design an employee app which caters to the needs of diverse and deskless workforce?

    How to make sure employees use the app and not shadow IT?

    How to avoid one-sided communication?

    How to deliver relevant content to the mobile employees?

    Beyond the Intranet


    How can we foster a culture of transparency, networking and sharing?

    How to use the intranet platform to support career and skills development?

    How to use the platform for employee advocacy?

    How to use the intranet and social platform to co-create the company’s values?

    How to handle internal communications for better external outcomes? What is the most challenging part for you?

    How to use intranet to boost enagement in the company’s initiatives?

    Measurement and Analytics


    What are the requirements for analyzing internal communication and collaboration?

    What are the most important KPIs and dashboards?

    Qualitative over quantitative: How to measure the quality of interactions vs the numbers?

    What are the challenges of implementing social intranet analytics?

    Measurement and link to the organisation’s strategy: lots of activity, but how much value?

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